Hold The Vibrancy In Your Fingertips

with the Xone Phone's Immersive Full-Screen Display

Find yourself absorbed by the impressive 5.7-inch display. With no wasted space the slim-lined front panel ensures you are getting the full multimedia experience. The 720HD+ resolution means you have quality in your palm at all times.

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What is Xone Phone?

Striking Design

A phone that looks great in your hand, wherever you take it.

High Quality Camera

Your pictures will look better than ever, whether using the front or rear camera.

Super Quick

The processing speed can compete with any other phone.

Long Battery Life

With over 290 hours of standby and 9 hours of talk time, it can keep up with your demands.

Super Secure

Facial recognition and fingerprint sensor that works in a fraction of a second.

Android 8.1 Oreo

An advanced and revolutionary processing system.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Xone Phone has a smooth appeal that will turn heads due to its slick surface and pleasing texture. It feels great in your hand and looks even better.


”People are always asking me where I got my phone. I like that it turns heads, but am happy to tell them it is the Xone Phone.”

- Ben Popper


Verified reviewer

Powerful, Seamless and Lightning Fast

Without compromising your battery life, this Media Tek quad-core processor is more than the industry standard. It uses 2GB RAM to stay one step ahead, making your multitasking easy, with no lagging.


”This is the first time I have strayed from one of the so called big brands but I am glad I did. The Xone Phone performs this well, I love how fast it is, even with all my apps open at the same time.”

- Taran Nicolaou


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Capture Everything, With Quality

The Front / Rear Cameras are made with the modern world in mind. The high-resolution cameras offer dual flash, meaning you will never miss a moment.


“The Xone Phone performs well in a lot of areas but in particular, the camera excels. I was expecting the front camera to lose a lot of quality but it really held its own, taking great selfies.”

- Mike Prospero

Tech Times

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Long Lasting Battery - Power your day

The 3350mAh battery is built to last, which is exactly what it will do. Whether you use the XPhone for streaming, video call, audio, or gaming it can make the moment last longer. You can get 9 hours of talk time, and 290 hours of standby before you need to think about charging.

Safety At Your Fingertips

The lightning-fast, responsive finger recognition safety system means you can secure your phone, and access it in just 0.1 seconds. It also offers up to 5 fingertips for you to store, meaning you never have to worry about complex passwords.

Unlock With Facial Recognition

Xone Phone impressive technology also offers an extra layer of protection. In 0.2 seconds you can unlock your phone in an instant, keeping it, and your important information secure.

Flawless GPS - Never Lose Your Way

Xone Phone features the crucial GPS positioning feature using GLONASS to ensure you always know where you are, and where you are going. It uses one of the most advanced systems in the industry to help you find your way.

Dual SIM Capability

Xone Phone is made with you in mind. If you are traveling for business, or need to use separate networks at your convenience, the dual SIM card slots allow you to move with freedom. Connecting is simple.

Android 8.1 Oreo

When you use the Xone Phone, you are accessing the most up to date version of Android on a phone that is built to give you everything it offers. Everything you need is ready to go. For the latest, most exciting technology, the Xphone has it all.

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An affordable and reliable The Xone Phone

"Don’t let the reasonable price fool you, this phone packs a punch. You can use as many apps as you like without losing performance, and with a battery that lasts this long, you will get a lot of continual use out of it."

"For the price point, this is an incredibly valuable phone. You won’t find a better looking smartphone in this price range and in terms of the camera, it’s up there with the leading models. The technology that goes into the Xone Phone is worth it alone."

"Everyone wants the best selfie, and the Xone Phone certainly gives you a great way of capturing every moment. The front camera impressed whilst the functionality really left us wondering if this is the best value smartphone we have seen for some time."

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