Introducing the EcoHeat S

The revolutionary portable ceramic heater with a sleek, modern design.

The EcoHeat S with its stylish round design is a versatile heater, ideal for a variety of indoor locations. The adjustable thermostat provides an impressive 600W or 1200W of power, which makes it the perfect heater for a home or office environment.

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The EcoHeat S includes three possible functions, which enables it to be used as a heater or as a cool blow fan. This flexibility combined with the portable design and the variety of built-in safety features makes it the ideal ceramic heater for year-round use.

  • Safe

  • Portable

  • Energy-Saving

  • Stylish

LED Display : Temp Reading (°C)
+ / - : Preset Temp
Turn : Oscillation
Mode : Hot / Warm / Natural Wind

"I use the EcoHeat S throughout the year, whether it is used as a heater in the colder months or a fan when the temperature increases, it is always efficient. The LED thermostat functions works extremely well, helping me to always achieve the exact desired temperature."

- Paul Archer

Editor of GearHungry

What is the EcoHeat S
ceramic heater?

A safe heater

For complete peace of mind, the EcoHeat S includes safety features such as; tip-over protection, overheat protection & a fire-retardant design.

Oscillating design

Not only does this black heater add contemporary style to your room, it also incorporates an oscillating design for a premium finish.

Flexible functions

The EcoHeat S features three possible settings for complete flexibility. Users can choose between 1200-Watts for a high level of heat output, 600-Watts for a low heat output or the standard cool blow fan setting.

A portable design

The compact, portable design of the EcoHeat S makes it the perfect addition to your home or office.

Simple to operate

The EcoHeat S is designed with functionality in mind, so it is very easy to operate, simply use the illuminated dots to select the desired function.


The EcoHeat S is the ideal heater to reduce your overall heating costs. Instead of paying to heat the whole house or office, simply bring the heater with you to whatever room you are in.

A safe heater, for complete peace of mind

The EcoHeat S is one of the safest portable devices available.


"I was so impressed by the construction of this heater, which use ABS fire retardant plastic materials. I was given complete peace of mind, as I knew there was an excellent resistance to fire. In addition, should the heater ever tip over the auto-shut off function means that the device automatically turns off. I would highly recommend this heater to anyone who is looking for a safe device."

- Ben Popper


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Tip-over protection Over-heat protection

A portable, oscillating design

The portable design of the EcoHeat S is elevated with the oscillating functionality, which guarantees to provide a great coverage.


"I needed a portable heater, which I could place in different areas of my home to achieve great coverage. I choose the EcoHeat S because of the wide angle covered by the rotating heater, which provides 70-degree coverage. I can easily place the heater under a table, on a desk or in the corner of a room, and the oscillating design will either warm or cool the large area."

- Taran Nicolaou


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Simple and quick to use

Unlike many portable heaters and fans, the EcoHeat S is designed to be simple and quick to use with clear and easy to access controls.


"I have owned a variety of heaters in the past, but I found the EcoHeat S to extremely simple to use, with a clear LED display showing the desired temperature adjustment setting. Wherever you choose to position the device it will be easy to control thanks to the top mounted controls. The ceramic heater element is conveniently controlled by setting the thermostat which sits to the top of the heater."

- Mike Prospero

Tech Times

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Highest Customer Rated Ceramic Heater On The Internet


A quality product, supported by experts

"Don't be fooled by the small, compact design of the EcoHeat S as it certainly lives up to expectations with its simple yet efficient design. When it is first switched on, I found it very useful to know what setting the device was currently working in. The three red lights are displayed, which indicates that it is set to 1200-Watts upon operation."

"It is so easy to change the function, just press the 'MOD' button, the lights will then change to indicate the chosen setting, either 600-Watts or the cool fan, which is perfect for summer. The '+' and '-' buttons can then be used to set the desired temperature, it is so simple yet completely effective."

"If you are looking for a heater which will reduce home heating bills, the EcoHeat S is the perfect option. I was surprised by the efficiency of this compact device, the oscillating design and variety of settings provide enough heat to bring a room to the desired temperature. A benefit which I was not expecting is the reduction in wear on tear of the whole heating system."